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You'd Be Surprised... - 82%

Akerfeldt_Fanboi, October 26th, 2008

For this being a rehearsal in 1992 when Jonas (Lord Seth) was handling drum duties and vocals at the same time, I was reluctant buying it.

Needless to say, I was pleasently surprised.

As Blackheim has stated, this rehearsal tape is chockfull of good riffs. Starting with the song "Daylight Harvest" we are greeted by the expected melodic depressive doom metal Katatonia played so well back in the day.

Ripping through a few minimalist power chord driven riffs we arrive to Jonas' vocals. He sounds rather, for lack of a better word, grim thusly increasing the bands delving into black metal at the time. Combined with the bleak production and the obscene vocals you get a nice combination of blackened doom metal.

Anyways, back to the song. Right before it ends we're greeted with a semi-clean moment, and some weird whispers. Then it rips into Sunset Choir. The riffs are excellent here, showing a chorus-ised rhythm tone and a pounding drumline throughout the song. Bleak riff after bleak riff comes pummeling through with this song. Then a wonderfully simple but short clean interlude breaks the ruckus, and we get blasting frenzies afterwards.

Well, to be honest, this does have downfalls. The drumming is excellent, as is expected, but sometimes it is more than blatantly obvious that Jonas goes out of time or stumbles, especially on the blasts on "Sunset Choir". That detracted a good 8 points out of the score. Another downfall is the low volume of Jonas' vocals and the strange whispers in the first song.

This rehearsal tape is definitely a good precursor to the majestic quality of "Dance of December Souls" that would be released only a year later. Anders' guitar riffs are spectacular, especially those throughout the second song.

Recommended if you're an avid Katatonia fan and you want second wave black metal production with your doom metal.