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Tonight's Music indeed... - 92%

eViLbOrIs, June 6th, 2004

Jonas Renske has got to be one of the most depressed people I've ever 'met'. The way this guy writes and sings his lyrics, with such a human feeling of conviction and defense and noble hopelessness is simply awe-inspiring. He may not have the most variation and range in his voice, but he gives the impression of singing from the heart, and it makes him one of my favorite metal vocalists ever.
There are a few obvious highlights for me on Last Fair Deal Gone Down, such as Chrome, Teargas, and Clean Today, but really, with the exception of We Must Bury You, there is not a bad moment on the whole album. Quite simply, Katatonia are a band who play to a style very much their own, knowing exactly how to make the most of that style. And make no mistake, the style that they play can very much be 'genre-tized' as Doom Metal. Slow, often sludgy songs? Check. Dreary and gloomy choruses that depress one more than a chorus should? Check. Lyrics that make you think 'I want to be happy, so why am I listening to this?' Check. And it's all done with more distorted geetars and time-changes than you kin shake a stick at, so there.
Whether you 'get' them or not, there is no denying that Katatonia is in a league of their own when it comes to personifying gloom through sound, and that's what doom metal is about, isnit?