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Simply Beautiful - 97%

TreyAzagthoth, January 11th, 2005

Yes, that's what this album is, simply beautiful ! Another thing, this album was the one who gave a different and more unique sound to Katatonia.
The main difference among all Katatonia early albums and this one is that, this is more complex in its own way, in previous releases Katatonia's sound is way more simple, only with one or two guitar in their sound, in this album not (listen to 'I, Transpire', it has at least 3 guitars in the beggining) and plus, they're using more keyboards also, which gives a more melancholy feeling to their sound !

The reason i didn't gave 100 in this album is 'We Must Bury You' that's quite crappy i must say, that electronic chorus is so NOT-Katatonia, with annoying lyrics and weak melody.

Beside that minor flaw, the album has powerfull and catchy melodies like 'Teargas' that is the best song in here, since the beggining of the song you can feel that sad and melancholy feeling that only Katatonia can give you, the verse and the chorus are quite nice and you'll sing those sad words at least for a week !

'I, Transpire' has a weird title but its also great, the intro is very different of almost all Katatonia songs, it's a mid-paced melody with guitars yelling sadness and the chorus has the more depressing lyrics you've ever heard in a Metal/Rock song.

The next great song is 'Sweet Nurse', don't fool yourself with the beggining, cause it is a little happy for Katatonia patterns of music, but the lyrics are Katatonia-ish, i mean.. Jonas Renkse-ish, very depressing and beautiful.

This album its the best in Katatonia's catalogue, if you're new to the band, it is a good way to start listening, if you like nice melodies and clean emotional vocals, this is for you too, so its a MUST OWN !