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Depressing - 60%

Thrash_Till_Death, February 4th, 2003

Ever been feeling down and you just hate the entire world, but your not in the mood for some blast beating death metal? Well look no further than this cd. Maybe My Dying Bride can be more depressing, but this cd is a downer all the way through, while at least MDB will throw in some fast bits and some growls. Even the cover on this cd is bleak.

It opens with Dispossession and your soon shown the tortured vocals of Jonas, though still not touching on the depressing state that will come soon. Musically, this track is ok, but doesn't really showcase much, but it fits. This cd isn't the type of cd where fast riffs or pounding double bass would fit in.

Chrome - This song has a faster pace and the drums are a bit more clear, but the guitar has a dark vibe to it, forshadowing whats to come. This has some lyrics that will become normal by the end of this release, "burn down my house and make something happen, stab me in the heart"

We must bury you is next and just look at the bloody title! Though this track is kind of dumb with a electronic drum sound during the chorus, even though its a dark chorus. Ok song, nothing that great.

Teargas is up now and we have to listen hard, as there is vocals in the background saying lyrics that are hard to hear. Where did they come up with the lyrics to this one? "what is it in my eyes, a piece of broken glass,is this the time I should be on my knees for you, is this your way of telling another should be found, now i know, its teargas in my eyes" This is an ok song, but somewhat weak, since it has one verse and the chorus.

I transpire starts with some slightly distorted vocals, but soon this changes, but this is a slow moody song. It doesn't really change pace and is ok.

Tonight's Music is another really downer song, with lyrics like, "how could this go so very wrong, that i must depend on darkness, would anyone follow me further down". The verses are soft, while the music comes in during the chorus.

Clean Today starts off almost upbeat and is probably the best song on the cd. This song is almost catchy.

The cd continues in the slow brooding music and the vocals of Jonas, telling some story of pain and/or suffering. The vocals are pretty good on this cd and the music is good for what it is, but its not going to blow you away with a guitar solo or crazy drumming. Actually, I don't even think this is a metal cd. Either way, its good at what it does, which is either depress the hell outta you, or help when your in that kind of mood. This also kind of makes it a one shot deal, as you probably won't wanna pop this cd in when your driving or when you are on the computer or whatever. Its good for falling asleep to and to listen to once in awhile, but I doubt there will be repeated listens within a couple of days or weeks, unless you are ultra depressed.

best songs imo: Chrome, Clean Today, Sweet Nurse.