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A delightfully depressing experience - 92%

DemonoftheFall1143, June 11th, 2007

I first listened to this album over two years ago. I had heard "Chrome" and thought it was interesting, so I picked this up. Since then, this album has become one of my favorites.

The opening track "Disposesson" brings the listener in, setting the mood for what is to come. This leads into the reason I listened to this album to begin with, "Chrome." The second song has some of the best lyrics I've read in a while. The chorus is almost like an anthem for the manically depressed. After a few listens, its hard not to feel a bit heavy in the heart. "Teargas" also has a wonderfully catchy chorus. "Tonight's Music" is another highlight. "Clean Today" gives some more metallic guitarwork, while the drums pick up the pace. "The Future of Speech" is another dark piece. The brooding keyboards in the back, the lyrics, and the melodies of the guitars make this one a bit depressing to listen to, but in a strangely beautiful way. "Sweet Nurse" has a bit of a different feel than the rest of the album, while not sticking out quite like a sore thumb. "Don't Tell A Soul" makes for a great end to this album. The lyrics gives a feeling of finality which lingers for quite a long time after the listen. My copy also came with 3 bonus tracks, but they aren't technically part of the album, so I won't review them.

There are a couple things wrong with the album. One is "We Must Bury You." It seems rushed in every sense. First, it is the shortest song on the album by almost a minute, which is pretty big considering the relatively short duration of each song. Also, the depth in the songwriting isn't there. It's almost a chore to have to sit through it to get to "Teargas." The other is "Passing Bird" for pretty much exactly the same reasons.

This definitely isn't something to put in while racing down the highway or while at a rauchous party. It music which demands the attention of the listener. It is highlighly introspective and thoughtful. The music is unique in that it is quite easy on the ears, but the weight on one's person is emotionally crushing. Just listen to the chorus of "Don't Tell A Soul." "When you have no one, no one can hurt you." What a way to leave the listener.

While some like early Katatonia best and other prefer "Viva Emptiness" over this, I tend to think this album is Katatonia at their best. All the peices came together. The arrangements seem more thought out than "Viva" and the lyrics are much more organized and intelligent than even "Brave Murder Day." Call me a depressive, psychotic, or insane, but I enjoy getting depressed from listening to this.