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Wow - 95%

Celtic_Frost_101, August 9th, 2007

Katatonia – Last Fair Deal Gone Down

I bought this album from a metal shop in Melbourne for $30 Australian (damn imports), but it was worth every cent.

I’m relatively new to Katatonia, as I bought my first album, The Great Cold Distance, in January, but I’ve loved them since the first day I heard them.

Now the album...

It starts with ’Dispossession’, my favourite track on the album. Ander’s guitar opens the song with a closed wah pedal and a clean, reverberant tone. It sets the mood instantly, it’s mid paced, melodic, and almost ‘distanced’ from the listener. Then the drums come in along with the rest of the song. The sound itself is spacious and, as described by Dark_Mewtwo1, ‘disassociative’. This sound follows through the entire album, but it never drags. It manages to draw the listener in with Jonas’ intimate style almost as if he is telling you personally the stories of the songs.

The mood on this album is really my favourite thing about it, it sounds very depressed and emotional without being too heavy or too (and I hate to use the ‘e’ word) emo. It flows really smoothly throughout the album without becoming overbearing and provides great music for when you aren’t feeling the best yourself, in actual fact I’ve always found the mood strangely uplifting in its own depressing yet optimistic way.

‘Teargas’ is the catchiest of the lot, with a seeming happier mood compared to the rest of the songs and their depressing vibe they give off. It really stands out with a more upbeat tempo (whilst in reality it’s still mid paced) and the soft\heavy dynamic really comes together for Katatonia here.

There is very little here I could argue with on this album, it sounds unified as a concept, the artwork suits the album, the lyrics are great and although the bonus tracks could have been left off, (I got the special edition digipack) they weren’t part of the album in the first place so I haven’t reviewed them.

I would recommend this to any Katatonia fan if they don’t already have it, or any fan of more melodic rock in general.