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Katatonia > Brave Murder Day > Reviews > icedray
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day

Repetitive but very good. - 80%

icedray, June 10th, 2003

I will admit that I only bought this cd because I read that Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) did the vocals on most of the tracks of this album. I don't own any other Katatonia albums and what scattered songs from their more recent cd's that I have heard, its suffice to say that this is the only album of theirs that I plan on owning.

Luckily, this cd is quite good. To describe the music on this album is pretty easy. Each song has a couple of riffs which are each repeated a dozen times or so. While that may sound annoying, if the riffs are good to start with then its not a bad thing at all. Here we do have some good riffs. They remind me a bit of Opeth but only a little. As for the vocals, well its Mikael. If you love his growly vox for Opeth, then you will like them here. He sings on all but one song.

As for the songs: It starts with "Brave". This song has a very cool groove that will have you bobbing (although not banging) your head. The song is 10+ minutes but you wouldn't know it because it kinda keeps you in that groove for the whole song. Next is "Murder" which also has a kick ass groove and is in the same line of the first song, but not as long.

However, the album takes a bit of a dive with the next song "Day" which reminds me of Peter Gabriel, for chrissakes. Very whiny vocals by the lead singer of Katatonia. Just not very good at all.

Fortunately, the album picks up with "Rainroom". More Mikael growls and more groove. Fuck yeah!

Suprisingly, the album gets better with the next song which tends to be my fav from this album. "12" is a more epic sounding song and has some great haunitng guitar work. It has the repeating riff but then it gets into this heavy chug with Mikael's tortured vocals and then dips into more mellow playing (reminding us of the great Opeth).

The last song "Endtime" starts off very atmospheric but then breaks into heavy pounding metal and then breaks into the atmosheric stuff again. It then has distorted vocals and breaks into an Opeth like riff and soon enough Mikael's vocals come ripping in. Very good stuff.

If you like Opeth, I highly recommend this album.