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Katatonia > Brave Murder Day > Reviews > RussianMetalHead
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day

Emotional Honest Album - 90%

RussianMetalHead, January 14th, 2010

Brave Murder Day made probably one of the most charismatic releases in the doom death metal arena. The music can be definitely considered as one of the classic releases in the genre. One of the characteristic qualities of the album is its hypnotizing melodies. In fact, the main philosophy of this record is quality over the quantity. The songs do not have many riffs, yet music is not boring, but very dramatic, and emotional. Certainly, some people, the music may appear too repetitive, but it works in a magnificent way. The melodies are delicate dark masterpieces which stick in the listener head for days.

The music has a tendency to put the listener in a trance like state mood using simple yet effective melodic foundations done using lead guitar melodies, and harsh misanthropic vocals as the central instruments. The drumming, base, rhythm guitar and other effects provide groundwork for everything else, a certain wall of sound. Somewhat thin production give the additional bleak, and hollow atmosphere to the record makes the dark melodies, and growls even more effective.

Track one ‘Brave’ has an excellent flow, with magnificent lead guitar melodies in a minor scale. The atmosphere is absolutely astonishing. Second song ‘Murder’ has a slightly faster simple riffing, and Katatonia still performs the track live, which points out to its catchiness. Furthermore, tracks ‘Rainroom’, and ‘12’ have an Opeth like harmonies which sounds very fitting, and balanced. In my view, the ‘Rainroom’ may be the strongest track here, since the riffs, the flow, the vocals, and the dynamics are done perfectly; the clean break, followed by the misanthropic melodic foundations is an example of a delicate intelligent songwriting which makes the song so magnificent. Third track seems to be a pretty useless repetitive synthesized pop song which sounds out of place. I typically skip it, and enjoy the gorgeous ‘Rainroom’ few extra times. The song is absolutely fantastic with a heart breaking harmonies, excellent placed beats, and brutal vocals mixed with the emotional clean ones. Certainly the album should be experienced from the beginning to end, because it has a storytelling like quality. The story is pretty depressive one, but somehow it converts negative energy into a positive one, which was probably the main goal of the musicians.

In conclusion, the ‘Brave Murder Day’ is a good album, which is considered a classic in the metal underground. It seems to have a melodic doom death metal tag, but in my view the term may be contingent since many groups mix things up. I would just call it a dark metal classic. If you haven’t heard it, it is a must have for any metal head, as an important release in the metal history. Katatonia are the people, who write a honest emotional music with feelings.