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Katari - At Peace

Great BM band from Peru! - 70%

dismember_marcin, January 15th, 2014

Bands from Peru are still quite rare thing for me (except few obvious names like Mortem!), I don’t have many of them in my collection, especially if I compare these numbers to Chilean or Brazilian bands, which are usually more popular. Anyway, I’ve got a cassette of the band called Katari, which was released by From Deepest Records / Adversary Procreations, titled “At Peace” and I am quite satisfied that I got a chance to listen to Katari, as it is really awesome band.

Musically we have here a black metal duo (with Evilord and Assassin in the line up), but their harsh and obscure music is truly interesting stuff. First song has kind of thrashing feeling to it, very old school kind of black metal, which for influences may go even as far as back to the mid 80’s and bands like early Sodom or Tormentor. Then “Eradicating the Calamity” is faster, violent and more in the vein of present black metal bands and the song is filled with harsh, cold feeling and evilness. Great stuff, really, I must say that with these two songs Katari already convinced me fully. I like that aggression, bestiality and atmosphere of their music and also how they take the old, classic 80’s black / thrash metal bands as one of their influences and not just some Darkthrone or Mayhem. But my favourite song is the last one, “Lustful Slaughter in the October Procession”, I just love the opening theme in it. It actually is kind of riffs, which would even fit some Swedish bands like Degial, Omnizide or Invidious and I really think it sounds just fuckin awesome. For such songs it is just a must for you to get “At Peace”, if you’re into the underground, obscure black metal. This cassette is limited in 500 copies and I bet there are still some waiting for you to obtain, so don’t wait, but support.
Final rate: 70/100