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A chaotic death metal platter - 70%

Lane, June 17th, 2012

The record label Xtreem Music herald this, Kataplexia's third full length album, as "...straight, aggressive and old schooled brutal death metal". "Straight", this?! Okay, if they mean "no homo", then it's a suitable term believe me! But if they mean "no twists" as in "rocking", it's totally wrong! Kataplexia is the brainchild of vocalist Rodrigo "Fatality" Artiga, who used to played the bass and hit the skins in the past, too.

Okay, Kataplexia aren't doing it Origin way, but there's more twists and turns waiting here than on a bus drive to a mountain top. Kataplexia have always been about speed, with slower and kind of groovy parts (but no slam parts) interrupting the breakneck tempos. Kataplexia play very close to the verge of chaos, and sometimes they tend to waft into it. At times, they've had a problem with penning a song to remember, but there is truer cause for songs to enter too chaotic spheres: Low-tuned guitars tend to drown under loud drums on faster parts, and also under vocals. The playing is faster and more precise, the sound is more brutal (fuck, those guitars annihilate!!!), and the atmosphere is darker than before. It sounds fuller, but as mentioned, not very well balanced. I think I'm hearing a bass playing there at times... Whereas the previous Kataplexia efforts were gore-soaked (look at their cover art and song titles), this is more evil, more arcane (again, look at the fantastic cover art and the song titles), but there's also some social issues. Still, Kataplexia sound North American death metal just like they always have sounded. I've named a few bands in my reviews of the older Kataplexia works, and this time I have to name them again, because Kataplexia stand somewhere between these two: Suffocation and Dying Fetus. Vocals are usual affair of low growling and froggy-meets-piggy thing, which I really do enjoy very little. I appreciate the fury Kataplexia can unleash and how it entwines in a very perplexing, non-linear if you will, experience together with the chaotic songwriting.

These three South American fellas (more accurately from Brazil and El Salvador) and a Finnish helpmate (this time around Sotajumala/Funeris Nocturnum skinsman Timo Häkkinen handles the drums, and fuckin' well he bashes 'em too, showcasing a huge variety of beats!) can surely blast and rip it up, but there is not much hooks on this album. However, if you want it chaotic, then try 'Supreme Authority' right now! This will offer thrills for a loooong time.

(originally written for in 2008)