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Short ande brutal! - 64%

Lane, June 17th, 2012

Deepred's vokillist Rodrigo 'Fatality' Artega (also in Kabak) has released his first solo album under the name Kataplexia. Mr. Artega composed the music and performed 99.9% of it all by himself and Jani Loikas of Nocturnal Winds did the studio work and played some guitar solos.

Kataplexia's trade is brutal death metal, as you already might have guessed. No tricks, no technical wizardry, just pure brutality. 'Morgue's Reality' doesn't bring anything new into this old genre. But should it actually? No. There's always room for new brutal old school death metal. Other thing is, that is this good in its trade or not. Rumbling North American style is what Kataplexia do, in vein of Suffocation, older Dying Fetus and such. Of course Deepred fanatics can't miss this either! This is about heavy riffing, gut-twisting leads, guitar squeals, variation between blast/fast/slow parts, nothing but guttural growling and total ugliness in general. The songs are different enough to each other and this never gets boring (a six-minute death metal song can get boring). Playing is accurate yet very primal.

Sound-wise this is okay. Guitars and bass are heavy, as is kick drum. Snare drum sounds extremely tight, but could be more powerful. Okay, now it does stick out well and it is a "death metal snare" everyone expects it to be I guess. Shit, just crank up the volume..! The vocals are, as mentioned, wholly growled from down the guts, and differ somewhat from Deepred stuff. Cover is nice, but booklet is empty. No lyrics... And the vocals aren't very easily comprehended, while it is easy to guess what the songs are about, hehe!

Nothing new, but well done. Sometimes it is better to stick to traditions than trying to make something new, something out of norms. 'Putrefied War Remains' is so good, that it is easy to push the play button when this short yet brutally long-lasting record is over.

(originally written for in 2003)