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Another New Classic Heavy Metal Band - 62%

WishmasterTheDark, September 29th, 2011

Lots of new bands which play classic heavy metal came in last 5 years, and that is very good. They need to remind people how that heavy metal's sub-genre should actually sound like. This band started doing that along with bands like Steelwing, Striker, etc. Is this band so special or different than their influences and other new classic heavy metal bands? I hope this review will explain.

Songs: Heart Of Tokyo, Phoenix On Fire and Livin' Without Fear are the ones that will stay in listener's mind after the first play. These are pure examples of band's talent, creativity and huge potential. They are easily the best songs here. Heart Of Tokyo starts with mind-blowing drums, after that come screaming guitars, and the rest is just perfectly done. You have soaring vocals, great sing-along refrains, extremely well-written lyrics, fast tempo, tasty and very great guitar solos, though there are no memorable riffs. But who cares, this one is really perfect. Livin' Without Fear has melodic guitar intro, and these guitars may remind you of Sonata Arctica's keyboards. I know it's weird, but so true. This song has fast riffs with melodic approach, melodies all way long, great guitar solo, soaring vocals, and it is great sing-along song too. These songs contain insane amount of energy.

Phoenix On Fire is fun to listen, and another awesome sing-along fun. It represents band's attitude, because of lyrics of course. It has really kick-ass refrains, interesting guitar work, and slower tempo. Yes, these songs show how great this band can be, but unfortunately that is all. After them come songs that could have been better, mediocre and really boring ones. Blade Of Katana could have been better, but it just lacks that something, something that songs I mentioned above have. It has memorable refrains, but maybe with more riffs, or better song structure it could have been improved. Before and after refrain it sounds nothing special and not really impressive.

Other songs are totally faceless. Together they can barely offer a good riff, that's mainly because they were focused on lyrics, while they neglected music. In some of these songs instrumental parts only follow the lyrical content. Best example is Quest For Hades, which is an Iron Maiden inspired "tale song". It tells a story about a girl who went into the Hades to find brother's soul, and she has never returned. That's exactly what has happened with this song, it went in my media player, and it will never return there again. Having 80's image and sound doesn't mean you don't need to be creative. This is their first studio album, I know, but there are lots of better heavy metal bands winch released their first album in last 2 years like KÓ“lter, Steelwing and Sinbreed.

Good sides of this release:
Good thing is that these guys try to keep the flame of heavy metal music burning. Few outstanding excellent songs. That's all we have here.

Bad sides of this release:
This band is not very special at all. They are just "another new classic heavy metal band". Maybe this is just bad start, I hope they will improve their song writing qualities, it would be better for them. They should concentrate more on making memorable and powerful music, not just writing lyrics.

Livin' Without Fear, Phoenix On Fire and Heart Of Tokyo.