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Not "Autopsychosis," but still pummeling - 90%

Mailman__, February 23rd, 2018

Here's a tip to Katalepsy: stop releasing albums in the same year as Wormed.  First you released "Autopsychosis" the same year as "Exodromos" and now you've released "Gravenous Hour" the same year as "Krighsu."  I bet if you didn't release these albums the same years as these, you wouldn't have such competition.

Honestly, I just wanted to point that out.  I doubt it really matters that much.  So on to the review!

Katalepsy's second effort, "Gravenous Hour," is not as good as their debut, "Autopsychosis," but it's still a good effort nonetheless.  This album includes an intro and an outro, so there are basically two less tracks on here than on the debut.  This doesn't really matter though because it works for the mood of the album.

This starts out with "Blinded Sultan," a great song with awesome technical riffs, a pretty basic main riff, and a sweet bass solo around 1:47 or so.  It's very quiet, so I suggest headphones to hear the bass.

That's something I don't like about this album.  The bass is layered over by literally everything.  The guitar overpowers it, the drums overpower it, and the vocals, well the vocals almost always overpower everything.  I like bass, and if I were able to hear that solo every time I listen to this album, it would make it a lot better.  Honestly, I only just noticed that bass solo now while I was listening to the album and writing this review.

This is not the only problem I have with this album.  There's this song on here called "Critical Black Mass" and it's really good, but the outro for this song is terrible.  Basically the guitars just die out while the vocalist spits out seven syllable lines.  And he doesn't do anything like whisper them or anything.  He growls them like everything else.  It wasn't a good idea on their part.  It just sounds very awkward.

As for the musicianship, this album is very good.  Each member pushes their talents to the limit on each track.  The riffs are solid when they need to be, technical when they need to be, and dissonant when they need to be.  Basically, the songwriting is close to perfect (everything but the ending to "Critical Black Mass").  Also the solos are amazing.  Well, most of them.  I'm not a huge fan of the solo in "Blinded Sultan" because it starts with a repeated lead which I find lazy.  Like, whenever I listen to it, I'm like "just get the the solo already!"  It's almost a tease for what's about to come.  My favorite solo here is on "To the Lords of Nihil."  It's got a great sound to it, mixing in melody and precision.  The leads on "Critical Black Mass" are great too.

Okay, "Critical Black Mass" is not bad.  Do not think it's bad.  It's an incredible song, but the outro just sucks a lot because it's such an intense track and the outro kills all of the buildup.

Anyway, this album is very solid.  It's got all the slams to make the audience happy and enough technicality to make tech death fans like myself satisfied.  The brutality on this album is lacking since their debut, but it's still pretty brutal.  And the musicianship hasn't changed much.  It's just not as pummeling as "Autopsychosis."  I don't think it's improved in any places, but it has gone down in terms of riff quality and heaviness.  So it's basically a less exciting "Autopsychosis."  Also, bravo, Katalepsy, on more incredible album artwork.  Great album.  I can't wait for a third release.

Overall Rating: 90%

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