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Untold Propechy. - 55%

Perplexed_Sjel, September 17th, 2007

The main concern whenever I listen to a Kataklysm full-length is the vocals. On other respective full-length records they have been substandard and subpar. The Prophecy is no different. Again and again I hear that same constipated throaty scream coupled with the perhaps even poorer growled vocals. It detracts from the overall album, which in parts, is quite good. Catchy riffs and the odd special guitar solo make The Prophecy bearable. Other than the guitars, Kataklysm's saving grace, nothing much else stands out.

The drums are lost behind the wall of torturous screams which are bellowed out at the top of Maurizio Iacono's lungs. Thankfully the production is good enough for the listener to be able to hear each individual instrument when the vocals don't come into play, which isn't that often unfortunately. It's clear and well suited to the harsh and hostile wall of noise that Kataklysm aim to create and which they have successfully done so. The guitars are affective in enhancing the atmosphere on the music. There sound assertive, intrusive and sometimes dynamic. The sheer lack of solos is somewhat confusing as this is death metal we're listening to. It's rather unfortunate because this is where I feel Kataklysm would really shine through, but the guitarists don't seem to be given the freedom to often express their musical talents and are often restricted behind the excruciating vocals.

The only time the drums are truly affective is when the double bass comes into play. The drummer doesn't overuse any section of the drums, but does not under use them either. The snare, hi-hat and other parts each play there part individually when required to make a more subtly melodic aggressive sound. Kataklysm aren't particularly diverse or creative. They are by no means a leading band of the genre, they're steadily plodding along, which doesn't really suffice.

In order to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, Kataklysm desperately need a competent vocalist. Unfortunately for the time being they do not have one. The lack of solos is simply unacceptable for a death metal outfit. The lack of flair is an issue which needs to be addressed. Astral Empire and The Renaissance are the shining lights on The Prophecy.