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Falls Short of Excellence - 79%

Monstro_City, December 11th, 2004

The album completely pissed me off from the get-go. However, when their pathetic and unnecessary long intro was through, the album morphed into something more appropriately defined as stellar!

Kataklysm seems to have no end to their heaviness. They are capable of shattering the very earth upon which they stand with the potential to match the heavy qualities of Decapitated and perhaps even Nile. The heaviest The Prophecy becomes is best represented by tracks such as the opener 1999:6661:1999, as well as Stormland.

With those exceptions however, Kataklysm has an abundant melodic side to themselves. That shouldn't necessarily suggest that they are Melo-Death, even though their Vocalist could easily emulate the vocal qualities of the quintessencial Melo-Death singer. But, to continue, they are not in any way Melo-Death. They are far too heavy to be catagorized as such.

It has been mentioned previously that their Vocalist could emulate the texture of a Melo-Death vocalist, however, he could more easily be linked to a Black Metal Vocalist due to his voice is quite 'gurgly' for lack of a better word. This only occurs when he dicides to scream at all. Despite how annoying it may become after a certain period of time, he does not exclusively scream. The genre that the band is, demands a growl, and because of this the growling vocal element is the most predominent. And very well achieved.

The one major set back that The Prophecy has is the ignorant lack of Guitar solos. Kataklysm doesn't simply not solo, they just do not do it as often as any Death Metal band should. However, one could not blame them for such an angering missuse of their genre. When the Guitarist solos, it is not-unfortunately-very good. Nevertheless, the riffs are solid and unrelenting, which is actually quite impressive because even though there is a huge lack of diverse Guitar styles, the album does not wear out as fast as one would think.

Kataklysm's Percussionist is wonderful. He is everything a Deathy Metal group should have and more. His style is easily connected in similarity to that of Fear Factory's Ramond Herrara. However, the one main difference between them is the fact that Kataklysm's Drummer is even more relentless with the Doublekick, which justifies the aforementioned Heaviness. He doesn't do many fills, which links him to Fear Factory all the more, and is extremely precise. Excellent work.

The bassist for Kataklysm is not given any particular spotlight, therefore, I would be making things up if I were to describe him due to his omnipresence. So, to conclude, Kataklysm is an excellent band worthy of note amongst the major player Canadian Metal bands such as Cryptopsy and SYL. They do unfortunately fall short of being deemed revolutionary or God-like. But they are without a doubt the first to come to mind when you are in the mood for something Heavy. Head banging is imanent.