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Melodic Death Metal For Real - 80%

optimuszgrime, February 29th, 2008

This is a prime example of melodic death metal. To me, this is what it should sound like, not like so many Gothenburg clones, and so many whiny, suicide driven weakling ‘metal heads’. Mixing in melodies with the metal of death, that is what it is supposed to be about, and not anything else. Other than great bands such as Kataklysm, Magus and Cenotaph, there is no melodic death metal, and I do not give a shit if you think otherwise. This album is pretty good, the recording quality, especially on the bonus tracks, is somewhat weak. The songs are epic and opus like, and all in all fit the lyrical content of Kataklysm, which is occult and the afterlife, and ways of getting I touch with it through such mediums as incantations, spells, sorcery, etc. they have a fixation with reincarnation, and also with sickly fast blast beats! Honestly, this is one of the first drummers to do hyper blasts, and it is generally overlooked. Why this is, I cannot say, but if you listen to the drumming on this recording, it is death/grind with thrashy elements! And to top it all off, his hand does not falter like the death metal artists of today so often does! He keeps them straight and fast as hell. So under the nice melodies there is quiet a bit of brutal pummeling going on as well, make no mistake about it. The melodies have to be heard, they are nice and melodic in the classical (Mozart) sense of the word, and at the same time the guitars have this way of just bringing their own taste to the riffs. There is quiet a bit of black metal thrown in riff wise, but the whole spiel is basically still death metal. I highly recommend it to all people who claim to like melodic death metal. I also highly recommend it to death/grind freaks, for the drums will not leave you disappointed, I can guarantee it.