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The gloves are off.... - 100%

cultofkraken, February 13th, 2005

Okay here we have the first full length release of the legendary lineup of Kataklysm. And like the latest reviewer, once I read his/her review I had to pounce on this at once and exonerate this album. First off, the vocals on this album are some of the best ever recorded in death metal. I would equal Sylvain Houde to Lord Worm in terms of sheer vocal insanity and dexterity. Much better than Maurizio's later odd vocal styling which still does not sit that well with me. The other area in which Kataklysm excelled where they now do not is in the riffing department. The riffs on this album have melody while still technical and interesting, instead of the melo-death inspired riffs which permeate their later releases. Musically this album is much more technical and deep than the others, with better song structure (none of this simple riff/chorus/riffchorus pop rock style nonsense) and a lyricism which has to simply be read to be believed.. really out there. This album I hold in high regard as one of the Canadian Death Metal classics, and should be in everyones collection. Be sure to pick up the digipak rerelease with the bonus Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation EP.