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The Kataklysm I like to remember. - 98%

Tyrand_Ixadorian, March 1st, 2008

Nothing like the Kataklysm of today, which is bordering on mallcore and full of watered down riffs ripped from Shadows and Dust. Everything from Kataklysm after Temple of Knowledge is just uninspired boring and weak. The only album of the “new” Kataklysm that is worth a damn is Shadows and Dust. This album is very different from those albums, notice the line-up changes. While newer Kataklysm is weak death metal, this album hits you like a fucking train.

Lets start with the vocals. These vocals are fucking insane with a fucking wide range from black metal to sounding like a fucking dinosaur. Sylvain Houde was much better than this guy they got today. Some off the most insane death/grind vocals of the time. Great lyrics too, not just some overdone boring gore lyrics like many other bands do. Kataklysm uses mystical and abstract themed lyrics which I find much more interesting.

Now lets talk about the guitars. The guitar work on this album is very interesting. Its not just blindingly fast brutal riff after brutal riff but also mixes melodic riffs and lead work. Sometimes melodic riffs and leads take away from the bone crushing power but Kataklysm makes it work. I usually don’t care more melodic death metal but this album gets it right. There are also some badass base lines and leads on this album. Some of my favorite parts were the bass really shine is about half way through the track Feeling the Neverword and of course World of Treason.

Now we come to the drums. Kataklysm is called the northern hyperblast for a reason, and that reason is very easy to see on this album. This album has some really fucking fast blasts. Max Duhamel gives an amazing performance on this album. A great example of excellent death/grind drumming.

This album takes all these elements together and makes one hell of a brutal, insane and epic album. One of the best of its genre. Its sad to think that most people only get to see the new and inferior Kataklysm. Don’t dismiss Kataklysm just because of later releases, they made some masterpieces back in the day.