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Blasty and Deathy - 85%

demonomania, November 11th, 2004

A good CD, I found it in the bargain bin for $4! Why the hell would someone get rid of this? Maybe they thought it was a Justin Timerlake side project.

Anyway, more speed than I am used to, certainly a black metal feel, but with brutal death metal slow parts. The vocals highlight this well too, the vocalist can mix cookie monster - low with gremlin - high with ease. The guitars overall are a little too 80's here and there for my liking, at times the solos are just plain obnoxious. And it seems that the same riff is being used for multiple songs. That being said, Shadows and Dust Candian (bacon) hyperblasts through a bunch of sweet songs, and does it all in about 40 minutes while still managing to sound epic.

Highlights include "Shadows and Dust," the relentless second track (whose name escapes me now), and "When the Enemy Sleeps." There are definitely some guitar parts borrowed from Morbid Angel here too, but hey, I don't want to diss on this, as my intro to Kataklysm I feel lucky to have purchased this for cheap. Very listenable.