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Better than i thought - 88%

KRISIUN69filth, May 18th, 2003

I have heard alot a people talk about how this band just isn't the same anymore.........well if they are this good now, they must of really kicked ass before. i must admit that i am a new Kataklysm fan. i saw them open for the Haunted the other day ( the Haunted should have opened for them by the, cuz Kataklysm kicked there asses in well under half the amount of time) but any way on to the cd. i bought it at the concert and got it signed by stephane barbe and J-F Dagenais. i took it home that night ploped it in my cd player and was blown a was for 40 minutes of great music. Kataklysm is so diverse with great guitar and drums, and vocals that mix from growling to a black metal-ish screech that i thought made the Cd less monotonus. It starts of with a purely fantastic guitar riff before the bass and drums kick in. the the growl of "IN SHADOWS AND DUST" let u know that you are in for a treat. a few songs on this cd such as Bound in chains and Centuries get kinda slow and boring with slow breakdowns and super long running time. thus the subtraction of 12 points from the rating. all in all if you what a super diverse and terrific death metal album with a war like theme. then i guess Kataklysm's "Shadows and Dust" is the album for you.

BEST TRACKS : In shadows and dust, Face the face of war, and Beyond Salvation.