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Considerably good. - 80%

AzzMan, June 6th, 2004

Kataklysm seem to be a nearly mainstream monster of Death Metal. There's really nothing to fantasize about that they've ever put out, but it's all, as said, considerably good.

As the album opens, we find an excerpt from the movie Gladiator, and as it is, is probably the single coolest line in the album. It takes about 20 seconds for it to go in, and then fade... and then the intro riff to the album.. and about five seconds later, we get a kickass accented vocal shout ("EAT SHADOWS AND DAAAAAST!"), and then some blasting.. and that's what happens.

Not that it's bad, as alot of the songs are structured diferently. For instance, Beyond Salvation is considerably faster, Illuminati is kind of melodic and more based on pure melodic riffs than speed, wheras Where The Enemy Sleeps is just completely.. slower. All the songs have speed changes somewhere, a few have solos, etc. Pretty much diverse.

Now I can live with one or two songs I don't like, and that's the deal here. Teh album is definatly worth owning, but don't expect something perfect or something that you will adore. Its good, but good =/= orgasm-worthy. It just means the album, with a couple flaws (namely a couple boring songs), is still nice to listen to, and there are definatly better bands and better albums, but there are even more worse ones.

So, why not?