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Another Catchy Album From Kataklysm (Yet Again) - 70%

Shirt_Guy, August 4th, 2008

In the world of death metal, you can get some bands who are downright reliable. Kataklysm has put an album out every 2 years since 1996 (and they also had extra albums out in 1995 and 2001), because of course in the world of indie/underground music, the 2 year tour/album cycle is practically standard.

Now if you’re new to Kataklysm, they like to keep the action pretty simple and catchy, from guitar riffs ‘n melodies, to the drums that are also simple in concept, although at times very high speed. Vocalist Maurizio Iacono likes to have a mix between high lows, low growls and a lot of harmonized screams

The catchiness is where the band shines the most, sort of like the equivalent of a loveable rock soundtrack, only in this case heavied up to death metal. There is of course a flip side, that being that Kataklysm has a lot of albums that are very similar to one another. They hold to some personal traditions very tightly, such as using short movie quotes just before the quick opener, and the long, slow, fading closing songs. In this case “The Last Effort (Renaissance II)” is an instrumental (a rarity for the band) which eventually moves to clean guitars and very melodic solo at the end.

As always, the band ups the ante on their formula, but only slightly. Those new to the band could easily do no wrong by getting their hands on “Prevail”, however those who have a few Kataklysm albums in their collection already might have a hard time justifying another Kataklysm effort when they sound so much alike.

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