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Pretty bad - 67%

FrostOfTheBlack, June 3rd, 2008

This album is a pretty big disappointment. Kataklysm is a good band, but they have fallen into the trap of producing groove-influenced death metal, which can be okay at times, but it should not make up the majority of their music. Shadows and Dust was probably their finest moment, but Serenity in Fire wasn't that bad either. Now, Prevail, is just utterly mediocre. There are only two memorable songs on here, "Blood in Heaven" and "To the Throne of Sorrow." "Blood in Heaven" is just decent, but nothing special. "To the Throne of Sorrow" is absolutely excellent, perhaps one of their best songs.

Aside from that however, there is nothing special about this album. The songwriting is uninspired. The guitar riffs are for the most part really bad. The production is lackluster, and the vocals are mediocre as well. The drumming is good as on every Kataklysm release, but that alone is not enough to make up for a bad album.

This isn't even good deathcore music. I am not a fan of deathcore, but at least I can differentiate between good and bad deathcore. And this is the bad. After giving this album an entire listen, you're only going to remember those two songs, and everything else will seem like a jumbled mess of bad riffs, mediocre song structures with heavy blast beats.

Recommendation: download "To The Throne of Sorrow," and skip this album. It's swimming in mediocrity. Go get Shadows and Dust instead.