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Good, but can get repetitive. - 68%

Ducky610, May 18th, 2011

I have to admit that it took a few starts of 'Heaven's Venom' for me to be able to listen through the album from start to finish. That's not to say there are particularly bad songs on the album, the problem is that they tend to blend into one another and there is a distinct lack of lead guitar and solos to distract from recycled rhythms. That aside, this is a satisfyingly brutal, yet melodic release from the band, not dissimilar to previous Kataklysm albums since Maurizio Lacono took over vocal duties.

The album starts off with a customary movie quote then dives into one of the most aggressive tracks on the album, "A Soulless God". Jean-Francois' guitar work here is very sharp and he lays down some of his most memorable riffs on the album. Maurizio's vocals are a highlight for me throughout as he's very good at delivering some deep growls and mixing them with higher raspy vocals without delving into the unintelligible grumbling that is the downfall of some death metal vocalists. The next track, "Determined (vows of Vengence)", is where some of the repetition begins. The track itself is not too bad but it could perhaps be a tad shorter than it is (and it's only 4:48 long!!). This track, along with the next, just sound like they could be thrown anywhere into Kataklysm's back catalog and no-one would be any the wiser. The lead single from the album, "Push the Venom", is also one of the best tracks in the collection along with "Hail the Renegade", which breaks away with a touch of thrash metal-esk speed. "As Walls Collapse" has some of the more memorable lead guitar work on the album, lthough it threatens to fall into a mid-paced chug throughout. The next couple of tracks taken by themselves aren't bad songs and I am rather fond of "At the Edge of the World", however they fall once again to the trap of making the listener feel like they've heard it all before. The closing two songs, "Das Feuer Lebt (Anthem)" and "Blind Saviour", are very catchy and will no doubt get fists pumping when played in concert. I do recommend taking the time to give these ones a listen if you are a fan of the band.

In short, this is album isn't particularly ground breaking and isn't going to be the one to win you over if you are sitting on the fence about Kataklysm, however if you are a fan of the band or just want to hear some straight forward pounding death metal, then this album will satisfy your appetite .