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Metal i Piekoaargh! - 96%

Axecrusher, March 8th, 2004

This must be the best LP from Poland ever! Oh yes, no doubt about that...

KAT play, on this release, a raw kind of Speed metal full of darkness and energy. This is the original Polish release of "Metal and Hell" which is the English version. I prefer this one, since it sounds more convincing to me. Well, let's take a listen to the songs. The LP starts with the neckcrusher "Metal i Pieko". Oh, what do I love the riffs and the vocals. They sound so evil! At the end of the song there is such a riff that makes me bang my neck ten whiplashes together. This is what I call metal. But not only "Metal i Pieko" delivers me this feeling, also, sometimes more melodic songs like "Diabelski Dom cz.1" and "Czas Zemsty" make me enjoy this record every minute. I always like Polish metal very much, bands like Turbo, Open Fire, TSA, Stos and this one. They play their music so pure, so full of energy and so 'honest'. This one is, like I said, maybe the best LP from Poland, and it's not by coincidence I give this album 96 points! You think "Show no mercy" is evil? You'd better think again!