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Fucking Killer Brutal Death/Grind, But Not Enough! - 75%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, August 18th, 2006

I was searching Metal archives for a song called Cheese Grater to pretty much see if there was a cover done from the Skitchin game, hah. That was when I came across Kastrated and I have to say, I have almost never heard any grind/brutal death band sound so brutal. It reminds me a lot Fuck I'm Dead and Defile/Crematorium. VERY Brutal shit here, and definately a keeper. Unfortunately, the major downside is that this is only a 3 song Demo, which isn't nessessarily a bad thing, but I was just hoping for more.

WombRaider starts off heavy and ends heavy. In my opinion, I would say that this is the least brutal song on the album in terms of speed but they go real ape shit. It does slow down after the intro, but within about a minute or so after that it picks back up then goes slower. There is a lot of progression and technique in this song. I've noticed that A LOT of Brutal Death/Grind bands use A LOT of technique, which is something that I am a real sucker for. Sounds like a song you would have heard in the movie Nightstalker. 8/10.

Frankenchild is the song on here that is probably the most brutal. Definately heavy and fast as hell. The blast beats are killer, and he goes so fast that you can feel how tired his wrist gets when he is pounding the living shit out of that snare. The guitars have a very Brutal Death Metal sound to them and use some killer distortion. Now, something that I love about this band so far is the vocals. He is fucking brutal and insane, even though you'll find a lot of Death/Grind vocalists to sound very crunchy, groggy and down right hard to understand. 8/10.

CheesegraterBabies - wholy shit, fucking killer. Now what I love about this tune is that it's very blunt on how much it delivers giving a very pure and crisp Grind sound. Also very different from the other two songs, and this one has quite a bit of progression too which is great. 8/10.

Now even though many of you may think that this deserves an 80 as opposed to a 75, because this is a 3 song demo and the songs are very short (but long for grindcore) it drags it down a few points there. If there was at least 2 more songs on it, it would recieve a much higher grade.