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Ancient glories live again... - 85%

Sierra_Nevada, November 30th, 2004

Though I am not much of a Nile fan, I at least appreciate their efforts to inject some sort of originality into their music. However, with Saurian Meditation, Karl Sanders has created something he can be truly proud of.

For those of you who have not heard it yet, Saurian Meditation is an ancient Egyptian-themed atmospheric album, driven mainly by acoustic guitar work, hand drums, and chanted vocals. There are some places - particularly in the song "The Elder God Shrine" where electric guitar solos are used, to a somewhat confusing but generally favorable degree.

High points include the songs "Awaiting the Vultures," for setting the dark, brooding mood of the album, "Contemplations of the Endless Abyss," as a musical exploration of the realms of death, and "Beckon The Sick Winds Of Plague," for its use of electric guitar as an ambient device. But the highlight of the album by far is "Of The Sleep Of Ishtar", a simple, nine and a half-minute hymn in praise to the goddess of the same name.

To get an idea of what listening to this album is like, picture yourself wandering into an ancient and forgotten crypt. As the rays of the burning sun stream in over your shoulder, you see the decrepified mummies of the ancient world - priests, kings, retainers - all around you. Their belongings, which they were meant to take with them on their journey to the afterlife, are covered with dust. A hot, dry breeze blows into the crypt behind you, stirring the dust that the ages have laid down, and for a brief moment you hear the ancient mummies' ephemeral whispering of past glories and ancient rites. After, you emerge back into the sunlight, wondering if it was all just a dream. Ancient Egypt may be buried by the sands of time, but some of it lives again here on this album.