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Kapala - Termination Apex - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 27th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Dunkelheit Produktionen

Ferocious, rabid, insane -- words that have lost much of their impact due to their overuse in reviews, bios, ads and interviews. Bearing that in mind, I'm really having trouble trying to find the appropriate words to describe this release. According to the description by label Dunkelheit Produktionen the objective of this Indian noise squadron is to “play the most intense and bestial music”. After having listened to their new EP “Termination Apex” I can say that they are on a pretty good way to reach this goal.

This release pays tribute to the school of black grind or war metal, which fuses grindcore and death metal with black metal aesthetics and consciously sacrifices tightness and controlled playing to be able to unleash the highest possible level of animalistic rage and fury. Compared to their previous release this one might have a partially a thicker, more appropriate sound. That being said it is still fuzzy and disturbing as hell. It's still impossible to clearly make out everything that's going on, especially during your first few encounters.

The slower sections have also been improved, and they fiercely beat the listener into submission in a totally barbaric way. There aren't many such sections, but they manage to give the total chaos that manifests itself. Finally, the sparse but well-placed vocal contributions add extra hooks and textures while providing the perfect contrast to the almost unbearably hysterical and overdriven wail. Somewhere behind the mesmerizing sonic chaos there are some nice song structures but it will take some patience to discover them in full.

The production is dirty, raw and bizarre. All amplifiers have been put to the maximum to produce as much distortion as possible. Fans of a more traditional approach to extreme metal might need to look somewhere else. This release has a very own fascination so if you look behind the noise you might find yourself coming back to “Termination Apex” to get another dose of obscure soundscapes. Although it sounds like the apocalypse pressed on CD.