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one of the best extreme demo - 96%

painbringer, December 19th, 2005

I was really surprised by Kaoteon’s debut demo “Provenance of Hatred”. This demo proves that location is not important as Kaoteon emerge from Lebanon and they showed that they can do wonders.

The demo is extreme, full of hatred and has something of its own that makes it an original solid extreme metal release. The demo contains 3 apocalyptic tracks: Decrepitude, provenance of Hatred and Wrenched.

In general, Kaoteon’s sound is identified from other bands with the old school music structure of Anthony, heinous Growlings of Wolflust and blasting drums of Riad. The riffs of kaosgod are aggressive, well arranged and in perfect adequacy with the songs.

It's not boring at all; actually it is pretty intense from the first minute till the last unlike a whole lot other bands. (I, sometimes, listened to the demo more than 20 times a day...)

Decrepitude which seems to be the most popular song by the band has a lot of various moods from northern like riffing to slower parts with low pitched vocals and it keeps going better and better till the last blasting ending riff.

Provenance of Hatred is damn insane from the beginning to end, having a faster tempo than decrepitude and much more aggressive tone to it, this song is simply a killer.

Wrenched screams out an old school like sound with a furious vocal and delivery and a great guitar structure.

I am pretty sure that Kaoteon would be one of the best bands in the scene if they received the right support from the right labels.