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Hail Kaoteon \m/ - 95%

BlackMinded, May 13th, 2005

Kaoteon delivers a very good sound to the extreme metal scene when 90% of nowadays bands deliver total crap...

-Decrepitude: this is one damn good song with very interesting Guitar riffs that starts with a slow melody that attracts your attention in a very innovative manner; the song has an epic viking feel but still has an original as fuck delivery that leaves you with an amazing output... The vocalist delivers a variety of pitches in a very aggressive performance that is remarkable. At the end of the song, you will notice that the song is addictive with its fine well structured melodies gathering the phoenician and northern influences.... Very Good One!

-Provenance of Hatred: My Favourite Track in this demo, i can't say more than it showed us the talent those guys have. it starts with a killer riff and very powerful vocals that keeps you interested as the song continues by delivering chaos... the slow middle part of the song is so aggressive and very well executed. The lyrics pull so much digust towards our day to day life. Too bad it's only about 3 mins and a half. I am sure that you will replay this track on and on as you bang your head till you can't feel your neck anymore.

Wrenched: What attracts you in this song's intro are the guitars definitely! The vocals stretches his lungs in this song to deliver his best screams, and the guitars offer an old school straight to the point sharp edge riffing as well as the drummer that plays fitting beats and blasts all along the demo... Wrenched sounds strange in a good way, and needs multiple listens so you can enjoy it fully but once you are there, that old school feel and screams will for sure have a special place on your playlist. You'll enjoy this combination
that made this debut demo a very interesting piece of noise...

This band deserves more!! Keep it Up Guys !