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Kampfar > Mare > Reviews > burnoutfool
Kampfar - Mare

A Dynasty from Ice... - 100%

burnoutfool, October 23rd, 2011

This band is one of my oldschool and all time favorite black metal bands. I have always liked this band, and everything they release is golden. I have been waiting for a while for the new album., as I am sure all you avid black metal listeners are. Kampfar is back with the all new installment of their amazing nordic black metal. And they carve their names deep. I have seriously liked the way many Norse black metal bands have started going. Ihsahn, Kampfar, Vreid...all sound really good this time around. The music has gotten more about the atmosphere and less about the sheer intensity.

This is probably the slowest Kampfar, tempowise. It literally stays under 160 the entire time it is played. This also is the harshest and heaviest Kampfar album in their library. It hits hard with the deeper sound and chords, yet the pace is so slow compared to almost everything else they have done. I was really thrilled because the slower black metal always sounds so much better to me then the fast and intense stuff. Take the song Stellarvore (Watain, Sworn to the Dark) and pair it against Whispering Breeze (Ildjarn, Forest Poetry), and I usually catch myself listening to the former. It just feels so right to have black metal slower then faster...I guess it's just my sludge roots, but it always impacts me much more that way.

I guess the most notable thing about this album is that they turned up the bass. Usually in Kampfar (and in most black metal) the bass is almost nonexistent. It's rather interesting to see black metal's bass side. Bands with high bass (Averse Sefira, Vreid) always make me explode with eargasm. Especially when the bass was so loud it shook my headphones, I was in music heaven.

Musically, this album didn't change other then the tempo. It's still Kampfar, and it still sounds like normal, just slower. Vocally, Dolk and Ash are the same, and hit their intense screams. It's still Kampfar, but the quality is so much more. They began to intensely become more philosophic. It's really nice to hear this side of them. Honestly, check it out. It's that good.