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Kampfar does not disappoint - 80%

davidian998, June 17th, 2006

It took a while but here it is, a brand new Kampfar album. Kampfar’s new album is called ‘Kvass’ and like the previous efforts this is an unrelenting assault of raw black metal riffing, intimidating vocals and pounding drums (courtesy of new drummer II13). Kampfar hails from Norway and is promoted as a pagan black metal band with folk influences but to me this is just pure black metal, so don’t expect this to be yet another ‘viking metal’ band. Nothing has radically changed so if you were already a fan of this band you can pick this one up without hesitation because you’ll love it just as much as the last albums. Vocalist Dolk’s raspy grunts and growls sound absolutely killer again. The vocals are in my opinion definitely one of this album’s stronger points.

The album is composed of six different, relatively long tracks that slowly build up in intensity and flow together nicely. The first track called ‘Lyktemenn’ will probably be stuck in your head for a good while after listening to it because of the vocal arrangements and the droning melodies, this once again proves that, if done right, even raw black metal can actually be very catchy without drifting off into a symphonic realm like so many other bands are constantly doing and effectively providing us with more boredom than enjoyment. This is not to say that there are no keyboard or piano sounds at all, but they’re used subtly and sporadically not taking away from the guitar sound by overtaking it but by adding to it in certain tracks like ‘Til Siste Mann’ and the beginning of ‘Ravenheart’.

Black metal adepts will be pleased with this release and it was certainly worth the wait. This disc is comprised of 45 minutes of professionally played raw black metal and will entertain you for quite a while. ‘Kvass’ is definitely an album that grows on you with time.

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