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Kind of pointless... - 70%

Xeper, May 18th, 2003

I don't see a point to buying this album. I'm sure they're a lot of fun to see live, but Kamelot really do things by the book on this release. All these songs sound pretty much exactly like their respective studio versions, just with crowd noise added in and not as heavy since there's only one guitarist. Problem is, the live feel isn't quite captured, so basically if you already have an album or two of theirs with Khan on vocals, you don't need this album. There's simply nothing special about it, the performances are perfectly note-for-note and very tight but it all sounds too polished, whether they're just an accurate live band or overdubs were used, it doesn't sound exciting...even the 3 studio tracks aren't so bad, One Day and We Three Kings are pretty cool, but not worth the price of the CD. (And while it's a minor thing, and to be expected with many bands, Khan's minimal stage banter is pretty silly..."Let me see you rock!", so don't expect huge amounts of crowd interaction). Only real live highlight of this one for me was hearing "Call of the Sea" with Khan on vocals, since originally it was done with their previous vocalist, and this version is much better. And the added drums on Desert Reign are very cool, but that's only an intro track to Nights of Arabia. Basically, a few good songs do not an album make. I can't fault them for their flawless performance, it's not that I'm looking for live mistakes, there's just no real reason for me to put this one on instead of a studio album. Maybe it's a good intro to the band if you're new to them, but unless you're a diehard fan, this album is hardly essential.