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The best flower-metal album ever - 83%

UltraBoris, August 21st, 2002

In fact, one of the only flower-metal albums I can put up with, because while it does have a lot of keyboards, the guitar work is definitely in place, and the emphasis is on the riffs, as opposed to meaningless wankery.

This is pretty much what flower-metal should sound like - it's melodic, without resorting to the excess cheesiness or forced hooks of bands like Sonata Craptica. The songs are very much classical-sounding, and there really aren't gratuitous guitar or keyboard solos that sacrifice the overall cohesion of the songs, and also I must note that the drums aren't homoerotically loud.

Every song on here is pretty damn good. They are, for the most part, very similar sounding without any particular one being "the obligatory speed metal song" or "the obligatory ballad". Highlights include "Millennium", "Rhydin", and especially "Parting Visions".

As I said, it's no thrash riff-o-rama - but nonetheless it works. Probably because they don't try too damn hard to be emotional and end up whiny, and the keyboards are used tastefully, to provide atmosphere as opposed to being the main overwhelming focus. Definitely worth getting, if nothing else just to prove to your neighbours that metal is more than just vicious shrieking.