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Not bad for the first time Khan! - 82%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 8th, 2003

Siege Perilous is not a bad Kamelot album, just not the greatest. It is the first album with new singer Roy Khan. It's hard to listen to this one if you have heard Karma or Epica, because it is not even close. I think Khan was just getting used to singing with the Kamelot crew, and hence not his best performance. It is good, but not as great as he sounds on the following albums. The songs are pretty decent, none stick out at me though. They all sound the same, there is no distinct difference, and I even wonder if there is a bit of riff recycling. But the riffs are well done. All the instruments are well done, keyboards, organ, etc. Millennium has probably the greatest Kamelot riff ever and the instrument Siege Perilous is just beautifully written, guitars, keyboards and all! The one thing that I noticed is that this album does not have the same speed as 4th Legacy or Karma. Most of the songs are mellow or just slow sounding. Where Karma is all out speed/power metal. Nonetheless, this is a great album, but I would only recommend it to Kamelot fans because there are better Kamelot albums out there.