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This gets old really quickly - 80%

OSheaman, July 15th, 2003

It's not that I don't like Kamelot's style. I love the combination of the strong guitar work with the keyboard and the slower vocals.

It's just that Kamelot doesn't seem to have done anything with it yet.

The songs on here start sounding very similar very quickly. When you first pop this CD in and get past the rather unfocused Providence, you get to the very strong Millenium, which has some nice riffage work and a great beat, although Khan's vocals seem unsure of their direction. Then you get to King's Eyes, which has a nice new beat but riffage that sounds oddly familiar, as do Khan's vocals. Then you get to Expedition, which has a so-so beat and VERY familiar riffage, not to mention Khan's unchanging vocals. You might start to notice a definite pattern in terms of riffage and vocals when you hear the same basic riffs and vocal insecurity on the next track, Where I Reign. After this, even the rhythm starts to repeat, and you might start looking very seriously at the ol' eject button. Hit the skip button instead. All the way to the last track, entitled Siege. Here we finally get some fresh riffs, and the guitar solo and the really cool keyboard work breathe real life into the album.

And then the album is finished. Overall, I wouldn't spend money on this album. It's not terrible, but it's not really worth the price. Save your money for Epica instead.