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An excellent live venture, - 85%

DarthVenom, November 27th, 2006

On A Cold Winter's Night is Kamelot's second live album, but their first as a live CD/DVD pair; it shows how much they've evolved as a unit in this time, however. The CD version of the night is split into two disks: one thing that can be noticed right away is that the setlist is very heavily slanted towards the Karma era and onward, which is generally regarded as the band's best years. And for Kamelot, there couldn't have been a better time to release a live album - after what has been perhaps their most popular and successful album yet.

The songs are played incredibly well, which is helped out immensely by the clean but balanced production job. Khan and Youngblood stand at the front of the performance with energetic singing and soaring leads, but the other band members hold their own as well. There are quirks about some songs (The slowed-down melody at the start of Forever, for example) that not only are fun to listen to, but also show the band's live versatility. Some of the songs, due to their energy and passion, are even played above and beyond the studio versions (Center Of The Universe, for example).

The centerpiece of the second disk is the Elizabeth trilogy played in full, clocking in at thirteen minutes - a very nice treat for fans. As the first part in a CD/DVD combination, this live 2-CD package is essential for fans of Kamelot, or live power metal in general.