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Meh... - 60%

ijy10152, April 22nd, 2012

This album was probably the easiest for me to review. This is not a good thing. It's immediately obvious where the weak points in this album are and where the strong points are. The fact that I can review this after two listens is not a point in its favor. Despite all this, I will say that I do feel bad for Kamelot because with their last four albums before this, they set themselves an extremely high bar. The Black Halo was incredible and personally I'm taking into the top five for consideration of admittance into the greatest power metal albums of all time. Ghost Opera is not getting any consideration for it. In fact, I'm tempted to bring it into the most disappointing albums of all time, and this isn't even because of high standards. Even if they had written this before The Fourth Legacy, I would have been disappointed and would have looked forward to some change.

Alright, down to business. The best tracks on this album are Rule the World, Ghost Opera, Up Through the Ashes, and Eden Echo. Solitaire is an excellent opener and leads into Rule the World perfectly (I basically consider them one in the same). Rule the World really punches it up with some familiar slower, powerful drum beats like in March of Mephisto. This song got me excited, thinking that they were following the formula of The Black Halo. Ghost Opera got me even more excited because they followed up a slower, more powerful song with a fast, really catchy single-type song like When the Lights Are Down, but even better! But then The Human Stain is actually somewhat decent, but lacking in energy that was existent in the first three. The next couple of songs are really boring and nearly put me to sleep. In fact, that's the problem with this album in general, it's really boring. While the four songs I mentioned at the beginning are really good (I mean REALLY good), the rest of it is not very good. Anthem is probably the most god awful ballad I have ever heard and just bores me to tears. At this point I was so depressed and disappointed that I wasn't going to even bother finishing the album as did Love You to Death (try Bore You to Death), but then Eden Echo showed up and really "lit up my life" (hehe, get it?), ending the album on a really good note.

So by the end of this I was that odd combination of depressed and energized at the same time. This album started off even better than The Black Halo and really had some potential with the first couple tracks. The middle of this is just boring as all get out, but it ends on a really good note. So my conclusion is this: take Solitaire/Rule the World and throw it in before March of Mephisto., then replace this pain with Ghost Opera and throw in Eden Echo right after The Black Halo (the song) and you would have literally the greatest album of all time, because those songs are really reminiscent of the style in TBH and are even better than some songs on it.