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Amazing... again. - 97%

Yorkeh, June 2nd, 2007

After the concept albums Epica and Black Halo, Kamelot releases a stand-alone album with only stand-alone songs. The result is, as Kamelot has been for the later years, simply breath-taking.

All of the songs of the album are VERY unique, and anyone can tell that they've really tried hard to make them sound unique, now that each song tells a different story. So this album does not have the sound of Epica or Black Halo, but that is not a bad thing. Even though the songs are very unique, there are some elements that feel like they're "covered" from albums like Karma or Fourth Legacy. I do not know if this is on purpose, but it's really nice for those of us who've listened to those albums and liked them.

I personally think that this is a better album than Black Halo, at least so far, but not really as good as Epica. I like the darker touch that this album has. I thought that a lot of what was Kamelot would be lost with this darkness, but I've been proven wrong.

Khan's singing is just improving more and more, really hard to imagine that he could improve after Black Halo... The guitars are very solid, really good solos. They've added more keyboards to the songs, which is pretty clear why since they've recruited the awesome keyboardist Oliver Palotai.

There are only two things that I think are not perfect with this album:
1. Some of the songs feel somewhat short
2. I'm missing an acoustic ballad, that we know Kamelot are really good at doing.

Overall, this album is about as amazing as Epica and Black Halo. It hasn't got the exact same sound, but variation is only good (it still sounds very much like Kamelot)! It may sound a bit weird at first sometimes, but after listening through the songs a few times I've come to understand that they are just as amazing as can be expected from Kamelot.