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Grows on you... - 87%

Keitaro_kun, May 1st, 2007

If you were hoping for another Epica.. stop right there.. surely following the Balck Halo vein comes Kamelot's new album Ghost Opera.

Since Black Halo, Roy Kahn changed his vocal range into a more dramatic darker tone, which you can notice on this new album, personally the track Ghost Opera blew me away, with those great vocal harmonies, but on the first spin this album bored me.. it made me sad because Kamelot had a very nice thing going since Kahn joined the band, and raised the bar way up-high with Epica and Black Halo, both musically and lyrically, so this new may come as a dud for many listeners... yet I was amazed of the replay value.. those songs grow on you.. after the disappointment you can hear the song in a more objective way, and realize that they are all above-average songs..

My suggestion is to not listen this album expecting past recordings glory, but a new piece of music, and you'll understand Ghost Opera..

Overall nice work.