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Best Khan-era Kamelot - 89%

ThePKH, February 26th, 2003

I must say I am more a fan of old Kamelot and the stuff they've done with Roy Khan never really hit me. I was already whining about how sucky they've become but gladly I found myself wrong.
Epica is definetly the best album Kamelot have released since all-mighty Dominion. I have always liked Khan's voice to some degree but a decent singer needs some decent material to work on. Epica provides lots of of that decent stuff, many of the songs are above decent. Being somewhere between great and very great

The songs on Epica sound more mature than on much-praised Fourth Legacy and Karma. While I found Fourth Legacy and some stuff on Karma quite basic, boring power metal(not much better than the stuff on their worst album Siege-Perilous) Epica remains interesting from the beginning to the end. Maybe they just needed a great theme to follow. Epica is a theme-album about faust, which doesn't say much to me but it must be something good if it has influence as great as this to the band.
The sound is has some nice variety. Some songs sound quite futuristic to me, like Center of Universe for example which has some futuristic sounding keyboard tapping in it. On the other hand there is more traditional power metal stuff which has more of medieval-sounding orchestrations. Despite the variety, the album certainly has a red line and songs link nicely to each other. Mood, the element that many power metal bands lack is quite strong on Epica.

Epica is highly recommended to any power metal fans. Fans of other metal styles should perhaps check this out too, it gives a nice hint about how good power metal can sometimes be.