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Pay attention to the whole concept - 90%

FFC, December 3rd, 2005

This album did let me down the first time I hear it, and I still believe that it is not as good as Karma, their previous effort, but today I decided to give it a listen and I found some pretty interesting things…

This time I decided to listen the album with the lyrics on one side and the explanation of Thomas Youngblood of each song on the other. Now I really got the entire concept around this album. And now I know why I consider an average effort.

The disc musically is ok, sometimes slow, but this is needed to get the music in the right mood to fit the story. It also has a lot of interludes and if you are not paying attention you will just find them boring and a poor try to make the album to last longer, this is not ambient music this is an album which needs you to be focused on it.

Epica includes a lot of different types of music like Gregorian choirs and very well done orchestral arrangements that are made without sounding overproduced or pretentious. Sometimes the keyboards take the main role in the songs but they don’t overwhelm the guitar which is clear and fluid. The bass make not an outstanding appearance during the whole album but makes a fair work and for the drums like most of the album are ballads and interludes he can’t really show off, that is a shame because Casey Grillo is an awesome drummer (well he shines in Center of the Universe and Farewell).

On the other hand lyrically the album is fucking amazing, giving the album a flow of the events happening to Ariel, the main character, and that’s why we need some fucking interludes.

For Epica there is no need for a track by track because this record is a whole the atmosphere in which involves you never stop during the whole hour, in despite of this there’s one song I will like to point out as a real stand out, Center of the Universe. This song is the best (not my favorite) song I have ever heard, the galloping rhythm of the drums combines with the mellow vocals of Khan, sudden changes here and there and the interlude with the female vocals great, power progressive at its best. This song alone made the purchase worth it.

For a person who like power progressive is highly recommended, but be warned if you are just hearing you are going to get bored pretty quickly.