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State of Divine Madness - 75%

SadisticOrgasm, May 21st, 2015

Those who have followed Kalodin since The Bestial Ritualism... days find it easy to discern the clever change in their direction right after the release of their debut album. Whereas Ritualism was true to the frontman Davin Shakya's immaculate inspirations of symphonic/melodic black metal a la Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth; The EP that followed, "SARV," was a bit more on the darker and grimmer side that displayed a merger of the earlier symphonic influences of the band and a more traditional black metal approach, thanks to the inclusion of newer members in the band after Kalodin was relocated from Singapore to Kathmandu, Nepal. However, there was also a new addition to the table: the influences of Indian classical sounds, and an thematic experimentation with Hindu philosophy/mythology, more evident in the closure track of the EP, "Trishula."

This single, "State of Divine Madness," follows that very path of the EP, as a sequel of the experimentation, with the use of more South Asian classical instruments, tabla, and the divine shankha. The songwriting is not much different from SARV, which give a bit of a Vedic touch, which is indubitably some straightforward grim black metal. It would be like the Enslaved of Vedic metal in that regard, the Viking metal of South Asia. The fast pace of the song, the constant change in course, the furious pummeling of the drums with wicked double pedaling throughout the five minutes, the furious trademark shrieks of Davin Shakya, and the aforementioned amalgamation of diverse influences is what make this a short, sweet track. However, I would have loved Kalodin to take this experimentation a notch higher to the next level, as what bands like Cult of Fire and Purvaja, and even their local death metal counterparts, Dying Out Flame, are doing.