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Good Finnish Metal! - 94%

BloodyPhalluses, December 15th, 2004

I don't know why everyone trashes this album so much. It's hard to be original these days with so many bands, but I can testify that Kalmah is not a Children of Bodom Rip-off as many claim they are. I own COB's entire collection, and it's much different than this. Many may say that COB is "better"... I disagree with this statement. Kalmah is their own band, with their own sound, and their own goals. I can comfortably say that Kalmah's lyrics are much more advanced then Alexi's. They have deep meanings, tell stories, and create excellent visuals, as opposed to Children of Bodom's "time to party and get drunk at lake bodom" lyrics (this of course, is a generalization), which have little or no significant moral or artistic values. I'm sure most people don't give a fuck about lyrics, but I do, and Kalmah has impressed me.

As far as the sound, Kalmah has less of a crazy incredibly complex sound like Children. This isn't a bad thing, because the music sounds damn good! The keys aren't overused, and they add just the right amount of atmosphere. There is lots of good double bass work, and the screeching vocals sound very convincingly tortured. The guitars are thick and heavy.

"Swampsong" is a great Finnish speed/thrash metal band. Their music is dark, the lyrics are powerful, and the members are all great talented musicians. So give them a try if you like this style of metal with meaningful lyrics, and you will be impressed.

Standouts: "Bird of ill Omen", "Heroes to us", and "man with mystery"