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Awesome melodic death album - 90%

invaded, June 16th, 2006

Kalmah are one of the few remaining melodic death bands that stormed through the metal community in the late nineties and early on in the new millenium. This is the record that got people to notice them a little more. This is a very consistent release, with no major noticeable flaws.

The sound is very much that of the melodic death trademark of the onstant melodic touch of the guitars with a strong rythm section and some growling vocals to match. However Kalmah add a certain subtlety to it that a lot of bands from this genre lack. The keyborads are not overpowering and do not drown the guitar in any way. In fact if anything the keyboards are a little low in the mix.

The Kokko brothers display an awesome array of chops on this record with tight melodic harmonies and leads that just seem to flow so casually. The guitar work on the record is most defintely its strongest suit. The vocals are also very good, with a dry delivery and powerful sense of command, you know where he band is going and I for one find it very enjoyable. The drums and bass are also very solid, laying down a good foundation for the guitarists to work over.

Tracks such as "Withering Away", "Hades" and "Alteration" are a perfect display of what melodic death should sound like. The difference is the fact that most of these melodic lines are verytasteful and well thought out. This is a very enjoyable listen to say the least. A heavy dose of melodic metal which is catchy and fresh.