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100% melodic death metal - 98%

ThePharao, November 20th, 2002

Kalmah's debut CD is over all expectations I had for this Finish band. They have created something they really can call their own. The sound isn't like any other death metal band. All though they often are taken for Children Of Bodom copies, I can't say they are. Children Of Bodom has much more classical influences then Kalmah.

Kalmah really is a technical band. The guitarist of the band is, at least what I would call, a raw model of a great technical metal guitarist. The melodies and harmonies of Kalmah is great. They mix keyboards and guitars very good. The song "Heritance Of Berija" shows this very good.

One thing really great about Kalmah is that they often let their riffs and melodies continue through out the entire verse. Heritance Of Berija is a great example also for this. And something that really suppriced me is that this CD doesn't contain one single bad song. They never gets boring.

Not to forget is that Kalmah shares three of their musicians with the other Finish death metal band Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, which means that these musicians have a couple of years in their backs.
This is a CD that every fan of metal should own, so if you already haven't bought it, do it before your friends get to know about it.
- The Pharao 20/11 -02