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Pure melodic death metal - 100%

HowlingMoon666, March 26th, 2012

Kalmah is one of the few bands that has that certain magic which makes my hair raising up. I listen to this album every morning while I drink my coffee and I swear with the hand on my heart that I never get bored of it. It is kinda addictive.

From the epic start with "Alteration" to the epic ending with "Withering away" this is a total finnish metal masterpiece and one of the greatest albums which came out from this awesome country in the latest time. Every song on this album is a masterpiece in it's own way, a mind-fucking journey into the depths of what means melodic. Antti delivers beautiful crafted riffs and insane solos throughout the whole album and the climax is surely "Heritance of Berija" which starts easy and steady and continues like this for thirthy seconds then hell unleashes with the monstrous riff and the magical keys. Though Pekka' s voice is not performed correctly and seems he's ripping his throat out this is a fact that somehow adds magic to the songs. His voice is similar to Altti's from Eternal tears of Sorrow, a band in which Antti himself played for a while.

The guitars are weeping melodic notes every second without repeating themselves more than two times and this is what we all call, I suppose, originality. And yes, this is a debut album, believe it or not. Although they are one of the greatest bands Finland borned out from its cold and dark womb, they are very underrated, and this is a shameful . This band should be known everywhere, everyplace, everytime. Kalmah is a promising band which has a fucking bright future ahead.Check them out and you won't be able to rennounce their music.

The most important fact regarding this band is that they love what they do. You can see this in every Kalmah concert. They are not hypocrytes like all that faggots which think that they are huge and kings...They know exactly who they are and they enjoy themselves as they are. I bow in the front of Kalmah and I will always will.