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Once again, Finland has another gift to offer! - 93%

Headbangingcorpse, September 5th, 2004

Good God! When I was first heard “Evil in You” by this band, I must say I was very impressed. But I thought, oh they’re probably exactly like Children of Bodom except shittier. Well, I would have probably killed myself for saying that. I can’t lie-Kalmah do have their similarities to CoB, but at the same time, they are completely different, and maybe even better.

To give you a brief description of Kalmah’s sound, they are very melodic death metal with a lot of atmospheric background keyboards. They are kind of like Children of Bodom combined with Norther. Swamplord starts out with, as I mentioned before, “Evil in You”, which is a fast paced, heavy song, filled with solos. After that, the songs grab hold of you and don’t let go. The vocals of Kalmah are very high, like CoB, but they are more death, instead of hardcore-ish. They sound better and mix better with the music. Also, occasionally he goes into low guttural growls, either overlapping, or next to the high ones, and they are very evil and are just awesome. The guitars are just incredible, having a solo in basically every song. They always dual at the same time, making it extremely melodic, and the keyboards are mostly used as a background instrument in a way, unlike for CoB, to keep it atmospheric.

The only minor downsides to this album are that sometimes the sound is uneven, and they just fuck up. Also, they could’ve made much better tunes and melodies with their apparent potential, not that they didn’t have good ones on Swamplord, but their album “They Will Return” is much better. Anyways, if you haven’t heard these people, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you buy this or any other of their CDs. This is an incredible first attempt,and Kalmah are not a band to be overlooked.