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Kalmah - Palo

It's gonna take some time. - 89%

ChildClownOutlet, April 17th, 2019

Our favorite swamplords have finally decided to release their newest album "Palo." After their fantastic "Seventh Swamphony," I was hoping they'd be able to recreate their success. They did.

And they didnt.

Yes my friends, this is the first Kalmah album where you need a second or third listen to let it truly digest in you. And it's a killer album. It's not as catchy as "For The Revolution," but think of it as a continuation of "Seventh Swamphonys" maturity. Let's take songs like "Evil Kin," or "Blood Ran Cold." These would be, in my opinion, the filler of the album. These would be the singles for a reason, catchy melodies but then they just drag on with no sense of closure. “Evil Kin” is the biggest culprit. There is nothing going on in that song except for repetition and dullness. It could’ve easily been tossed away. The saving grace is the chorus riff that plays throughout.

On the plus side, the other songs don’t have these issues. Pekkas vocals are STRONG in “The World of Rage” along with the work of sophomore keyboardist Veli-Matti, whose key work are even better than on “Seventh Swamphony.” “Paystreak” is a roaring thrasher of a song that has one of the best melodies of the album. My personal favorite song. “Through the Shallow Waters” tends to plod along with melodies but think of it as an improved version of “Blood Ran Cold.” Album ender “The Stalker” is a combination of “The Trapper” from their previous album with a dash of “The Black Waltz,” a mid paced stomper that’s absolutely killer. I’m telling you, the keys in this album are a huge improvement from Marco Sneck.

In the end, Kalmah releases another worthy album. Worthy on first listen? I’d say no as it took me 2 extra spins for it to truly sink in. But after all that, it was decided that this album was pretty damn good. Kalmah has never failed and this album is another fantastic release from the masters of melo death.