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fuck this dumb shit - 20%

Noktorn, January 31st, 2010

If you were to make the argument that the black metal scene has descended completely and irrevocably into deeper and deeper depths of retardation and self-parody, this would be a great release to support your point. Honestly, if you wanted to say black metal was did and your entire argument was simply playing this, I would probably flip over the table and say "FUCK IT, I'M DONE" before storming off and buying some Godspeed! You Black Emperor CDs. This is fucking horrible, seriously, and I guess it makes sense that this is associated with other similarly terrible and self-parodizing project Stalaggh. The one good thing I can think about Kafan is that this is the first and so far only release from the project, and I'm hoping with all my heart it's also the last.

Imagine for a moment a version of the first Burzum album recorded by a mentally retarded person. The result is probably very similar to this. Kafan's music is uniformly slow and meandering, and, it should go without saying, ball-breakingly boring and obnoxious. 'Injecting Evil In Thy Veins' is a new level of insipid; the overly primitive programmed drums lumber away at their one or two beats per song while a terribly recorded guitar meanders away with the same three or four notes over the top. The (distorted, of course, for those who can't actually sing) vocals are like five decibels louder than any of the instruments, so they drown out the terrible music any time they pop in. I'm not really sure if I should consider that a pro or a con, really.

This is about the definition of bedroom black metal, so I'm not sure why Kafan has a position of so much greater legitimacy than, I don't know, fucking Satanicnundestroyer14/88 or whatever the fuck the kids are listening to these days. Also, to top it off, if the original versions of the tracks weren't enough, on the CD version of this release Xardas is awesome enough to REMIX the exact same tracks to sound just as shitty and bland, but in a more distorted and reverbed way. I have a million questions about this demo but I'm not going to ask any of them because I fear that I'd kill myself if I heard someone try to answer them in a legitimate way.

Black Metal attack from Desert! - 80%

Trepas, August 23rd, 2004

Since the start of the 2000 years, the black metal has been really developed in the arab's countries, and some bands have out from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and even Libya... Kafan, with his demo "Injecting Evil In Thy Veins" product one of the first raw black metal demo out from Lebanon. When the legends of nordic black metal just become less and less harsh, and more and more accessible to the homosexual community, we will possibly have to look at the desert for got some good raw black metal.

Kafan play raw black metal in the vein of Burzum ; principally slow, primitive, with a dark atmosphere. But it isn't an other copy of Burzum like we see too much ; Kafan had his own sound. A sound more clear with a louder vocal a little bite similar to the one of Gravew├╝rm (a little bite). For the drum, it is very similar to Burzum, but less repetitive, so, better. The music, mostly gloomy is unfortunately disadvantaged by the production too clear. This out to the music a little bite of obscurity and of efficacity. In the song "Injecting Evil in thy Veins", a female vocal is used in the good way (nothing goth of gay), adding an interesting atmosphere to the song.

So, in general, it's a good demo for fan of black metal raw and primitif. The only bad points are the production too much clear for the style, and the length too short (like the majority of the demos).